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You're the reason why by Frozenstallion You're the reason why by Frozenstallion
Please listen while reading :[link]
''Cry Fien, i know you want it'' said his soft but strong voice. ''No.'' She answered. He pressed his nose to her hand. ''Sesam, i don't know..'' Sesamantur said nothing, now he did a step towards her. And she put her hand by his nose and her hand against his. ''I know your thoughts'' Sesam said, ''they aren't so wonderful as always.'' Fien nodded softly, Sesam was right.
''I'm just so..'' She took her time to search for the right word, but she couldn't think of any, ''i don't know.'' Sesam was quiet again. ''I'm happy, i think. I should be. I have you, Frostdall, Randy, two beautiful children, immortality and great friends. But i'm not happy.'' Sesam snorred. ''I know Fien, i know'' he pressed himself a little more towards her. ''Maybe it's Florence? You're her mother, you can feel her too.'' Fien nodded now. ''Maybe, she's unhappy about Niall.'' And then the conversation was over. They just stood there like that. Half hugging, enjoying the moment together. They both knew it may be the last one.

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Love for those guys.

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December 23, 2012
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